About Sam Arora

Sam Arora is a Maryland state Delegate from District 19 and serves in the House Judiciary Committee.  An advocate and small businessman, Sam came to the House of Delegates with more than a decade of public service experience.

A Career in Public Service, Fighting for Progressive Values
Sam Arora supports President ObamaArora’s experience in government includes positions in the U.S. Senate and clerkships with the criminal appellate division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office and Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler. Under Gansler, Arora published resources for Maryland non-profit organizations to navigate the State’s legal requirements and helped prepare legislation to ban the sale of the hallucinogenic drug Salivia divinorum in Maryland.

Arora served as an aide to then-Senator Hillary Clinton and worked on three of her campaigns. During the 2008 general election, he volunteered for Barack Obama and travelled to other states to help get out the vote. Previously, Arora worked for the Democratic National Committee, where he was an aide to the chair of the Democratic Party. He also has advised several non-profit organizations on strategic communications planning.

Sam worked on all three of Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaigns for the U.S. Senate and the White HouseA graduate of Georgetown Law, Arora has also been a leader in the American Bar Association, where he served on the policy-making body of the 410,000-attorney organization.

Small Business Experience
Arora is Vice President for Business Development of the Arora Group, a Montgomery County business that provides health care services to veterans, active-duty military personnel, and their families. The Arora Group serves medical treatment facilities around the country, including at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Bethesda Naval Hospital, the National Institutes of Health, and Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Sam working in Annapolis to create Maryland jobsFrom his business development experience, Arora understands how to create jobs and stimulate economic growth and sees Maryland’s potential—particularly Montgomery County’s potential—to attract high-growth, high-value industries to our area. He has spoken out on the need to fight to bring jobs to Maryland and advocated on behalf of the Job Creation Tax Credit, which Governor O’Malley later signed into law.

Arora’s dedication to public service and the law led him to earn a J.D. at Georgetown Law, where his peers elected him president of the student body. He is a cum laude graduate of Columbia University, where he guest teaches a class on presidential campaigning each year. He also studied politics, philosophy, and economics at the University of Oxford and was salutatorian of his graduating class at the Barrie School in Silver Spring.